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Sports Massage Therapy


Foot Healthcare  Services

Treating you from head to toe


Sports Massage Therapy  can benefit all people of all ages. The extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology allows application of various massage techniques to  deep muscle tissues. This can help alleviate and target all muscular aches and pains caused by modern active lifestyles, repetitive occupational requirements and postural problems.

Dean Rickerby

Qualified: Level 4 Sports Massage Therapy,  Myofascial Cupping

Background: A former Royal Marine Commando and Semi professional Rugby Player Dean has 1st hand experience of the benefits of Sports Massage Therapy. His Powerful build allows  both effective and  efficient application of techniques in order to relieve a wide range of  muscular issues and promote circulation. He has added to his knowledge and skillbase with  Hot stone massage ,Myofascial cupping , Seated Accupressure, Advanced Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Advanced K tape application   and fun additions such as Lomi Lomi massage.

He  has also  recently been awarded the title Reiki Master whilst completing his Mental Health First Aid Certification.


Following  an initial assessment and collaboration he will be able to provide a tailor made treatment plan that will aim to  relieve the problem area and maintain a sense of wellbeing. He will educate you on your issue with a view to you maintaining that feeling of wellbeing.

Foot Health Practitioners are qualified to treat and  relieve most minor foot complaints such as corns ,Callus, Verrucae, fungal nail infections ,ingrowing toenails. With extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology  and the effects upon the health of the lower legs and  feet,the practitioner is qualified to treat and maintain the well being of the individual patient and make referrals whenever appropriate. 

Rebecca Rickerby  BSc(Hons ) DipCFHP  DipBMec  MPSPract QTLS

Qualified : Level 4 diploma in both  Foot Health Practice and Biomechanics and orthotics , BSC (Hons) Biomedical Science and a Qualified Teacher .

Background: After spending a length of time working in the health care sector Rebecca pursued her passion in Biology which then led to her becoming a Science /Biology teacher.  Her extensive knowledge and experience of both personal care and anatomy and physiology enables her to competently assess and  treat minor conditions , monitor the feet and lower limbs and when appropriate ,liaise with other professionals  and make referrals to ensure best practice for you, the patient. Rebecca was a  part time Clinical Skills Tutor and Lecturer at the College of Foot Health  Practitioners until December 2020 . Her skill base advancements include Toenail Reconstruction and Nail bracing, Biomechanics of the lower limb and chair side orthotics , Reflexology (both hands and feet) and K-tape application . She is also a mental health first aider which spurred her to study a counselling qualification  and is now currently working towards CBT  certification.

Body and Sole Clinic :   Looking after your Mind ,Body and Sole



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